Service Fee:


Tiered Commission Plan

Number of options traded per month

Commission per option

Platform Fee

1-50 options

USD 0.8

USD 0.3 per option, minimum USD 1 per order


51-150 options

USD 0.7

151-300 options

USD 0.65

301-500 options

USD 0.6

501-2,000 options

USD 0.55

2,001-5,000 options

USD 0.50

5,001-10,000 options

USD 0.45

10,001-50,000 options

USD 0.40

50,001-100,000 options

USD 0.35

100,001 options and more



Fixed Commission Plan:


Platform Fee

USD 0.65 per option, minimum USD 1.99 per order

USD 0.3 per option, minimum USD 1 per order



  1. Users can choose either the tiered or the fixed commission plan,Commission: Min. USD 1.99/Order.

  2. It is in your best interest to select a tiered plan when you trade over 525 Contracts per month.

  3. If an order is divided into multiple transactions, the order might be charged by different tiers, based on monthly cumulative trade volume before placing new orders.

  4. The fees of the GTC (Good Till Cancel) Order will be calculated by the filled amount of transactions per trading day. Transactions on the same trading day shall be regarded as one order, while transactions on different trading days shall be regarded as different orders for calculation. 

Fees Charged on behalf of the third Parties

Charged By




Financial Industry Regulatory Authority

U.S. Options Clearing Corporation

U.S. clearing, settlement, and other institutions



Options Regulation Fee


(charged only for sell orders)

Trading Activity Fee

(charged only for sell orders)

Clearing Fee

Option Settlement Fee

Exchange Fee


USD 0.02685 per contract


USD 0.0000278*trading value

Minimum USD 0.01 per transaction


USD 0.00279* Number of contracts sold

Minimum 0.01 USD per transaction

USD 0.02 per option

Up to USD 55 per trade

USD 0.18 per contract

Fees depend on the exchange on which the contract is traded


(1) Options Trading Fees charged by exchanges may vary as the impact of orders on options liquidity varies. The exact fees are subject to the exchanges. Trading fee is a pass-through fee charged by SEC (US Securities and Exchange Commission) and is charged for sell orders only.

(2) FINRA Trading Activity Fee is a pass-through fee charged by FINRA (US Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) and is charged for sell orders only.

(3) OCC Clearing Fee is a pass-through fee charged by OCC (US Options Clearing Corporation).

(4) Exchange Fees vary depending on the exchange in which the contract is executed.

(5) If there is any change in the fees charged by third parties such as exchanges and regulators, Tiger will adjust the fees it charges on their behalf accordingly.

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