Definition of Indications

(1) Excess liquidity(EL) indicates the potential liquidation risk of the account. A lower current excess liquidity indicates higher liquidation risk. When it is lower than 0, the account will be force liquidated.

Forced liquidations are conducted with market orders and any/all positions in your account may be liquidated. Please take note of the indicators related to excess liquidity.

(2) Initial Margin(IM) means the sum of the initial margin requirements for all positions currently held.

(3) Maintenance Margin(MM) is the sum of the maintenance margin requirements for all positions currently held. When the equity with loan value is lower than the maintenance margin, the account is at risk for forced liquidation.

(4) Risk Ratio(RR). Higher risk ratio indicates Higher risk, the RR value will only be available if your positions involve margin.

Securities Segment:

Account is on margin when Cash Balance is negative.



Tiger offers a margin for certain securities. The market trading hours of the securities are determined by the exchange in which the securities are traded.

Please click here to view the stock margin and short list.


Liquidation may occur when:

Securities Segment: EL = ELV – MM,

EL < 0, anytime during trading hours;

Please note that if you trade with alternative currency, the account will not be considered on margin if the total Cash Balance remains positive. However, margin interest will be charged on the amount of loan currency to you for these trading purposes.

*Alternative currency: trading a product with collateral that is based on a different currency.

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