The bracket for interest calculation may vary from time to time without prior notice to clients. Such adjustments are periodic and intended to reflect changes in exchange rate.

1. Financing Interest Rate of US Dollar

In calculating interest rates, Tiger uses a combo interest rate based on the following brackets.
For example, for balances above USD1 million, interests for the first USD100,000 is charged at the first-bracket interest rate, the remaining USD900,000 at the second-bracket rate, and so forth. When determining the bid-ask bread, Tiger uses the greater of benchmark interest rate and zero.
Interests accrued on a daily basis and the actual interests of the month are published on the third working day of the next month.
*In the case of balance range exceeding $200,000,000.01, there may be an additional charge of 1% on the spread if financing is not arranged in advance.

2. Financing Interest Rate of Hong Kong Dollar



3. SGD Financing Interest Rate

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