Procedure of Withdrawal


1. What currencies does Tiger support for withdrawal?

Currently, USD is supported, and it will be auto-converted into local currency before you receive it. For example, if you are an Indonesian user, you'll receive IDR. Similarly, for Vietnamese users, it will be VND, if you are a UAE user, you'll receive AED.


2. Time for withdrawal


  • Tiger will process your withdrawal requests during business days and initiate fund transfers to your bank account within one working day.

  • Part of the transactions will be processed within 30 minutes, and generally the longest processing time for withdrawals is 2 business days. But the final arrival time would be upon banks' process. 


3. Transferring Fees


  • Tiger fee: Free

  • Payment channel fee:


Transaction Fee


0.3%-0.65%, depending on your withdrawal amount

*Some banks may impose a minimum transaction fee of 10 USD


6500 VND

United Arab Emirates

Minimum 8.25 AED, depending on your withdrawal amount



4. How to submit a withdrawal application



4.1 Visit Tiger Withdrawal page

  • Sign in to the Tiger Trade APP and go to「Trade」 - 「More」- 「Withdraw Funds」.

  • Or visit Tiger official website, log in your trading account, go to「My Account」 - 「Withdrawal」.

4.2 Enter withdrawal amount

  • The withdrawal currency you can request is the US dollar, and after you enter the US dollar amount, it'll display the amount you should receive in local currency.

    • If you have cash in other currencies in your Tiger account, please convert it into USD before withdrawal. (Please refer to Currency Conversion for details)

    • The min withdrawal amount should be larger than the payment channel fee.


4.3 Select the receiving bank account

  • You can select or add a receiving bank account in the「Receiving Bank Account」. Please be informed that your bank account will be reviewed before sending money to it, and only your own bank account can be used to withdraw. 

4.4 Go through security verification and submit the withdrawal. 



5. Tiger's Notification


You will receive SMS and e-mail notification as soon as the withdrawal has been submitted to your bank.  


6. How to cancel the withdrawal application?


Before your withdrawal has been submitted to bank, you can cancel the application through Tiger Trade APP 「Trade」 - 「More」- 「Transfer History」-「Withdrawl」.

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