OTC stands for Over-the-Counter, which refers to trading that takes place outside an exchange.

a. Tradable OTC Underlying

Currently, nNot all OTC stocks are available for trading in Tiger. You may check the trading availability in Tiger Trade App.

b. Trading Hours

Regular trading hours: between 9:30am and 16:00pm US Eastern Standard Time

Orders may be placed beforehand but filled between 9:30am to 16:00pm (EST)

On half trading day, the trading hours will last from 9:30am to 14:00pm (EST).

c. Margin Trading and Short Selling

Financing is available with a 100% margin.

Most OTC stocks are not available for short selling. To check whether an OTC stock is available for short selling, please refer to the stock info page of the Tiger Trade App.

Should you have any requests to activate OTC trading access for U.S. equities, please kindly submit a written application via your registered email address to our customer service team at cs@tigertrade.app.

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