How to Deposit in Tiger


1. What currency and method does Tiger support for deposits?


Tiger supports your local currency. Once deposited, your funds will be automatically converted into USD.

Tiger accepts the following payment methods:

  • Online bank transfer

  • E-wallets: OVO, Dana, and Shopee Pay



*The final received amount depends on the real-time currency conversion rate, which might differ from the display on the deposit page.

*Please note that we can not accept cheques or cash for deposits.


2. Time for Deposit

Payment method

Transfer created time

Estimated arrival time

Online bank transfer

Working time of business Days

Up to about 4 hours

Other periods

Up to the next working day at most


Almost real-time

  • Tiger is not responsible for delays in deposits due to Bank’s system issues including scheduled downtime, system outage, etc.


3. Transferring Fees


  • Online bank transfer: Tiger won't charge you, but your remittance bank may impose certain fees.

  • E-wallet: No charge


4. Does Tiger have a deposit amount limit?


Minimum deposit amount: No fixed minimum. However, to cover potential fees and currency conversion costs, we suggest depositing over 1 USD or the equivalent in IDR. Deposits below this might not be credited.

Maximum deposit amount: depends on the deposit amount you choose

Payment method

Maximum deposit amount

online bank transfer

Tiger doesn't set a maximum deposit limit, but some banks may have their own maximum transaction amounts


20000000 IDR

*Friendly Reminder: Larger initial deposits can qualify for welcome gifts in ongoing promotions. For more details, check our online activity or contact our Customer Service. 

5. Steps to Deposit at Tiger



  • Depositing through bank accounts or e-wallets with different names or via third-party platforms could result in refund processes. If refunds are needed, there may be a delay of several weeks and associated bank fees, which you would need to cover.

  • Your recipient details are confidential. Please avoid sharing them. 

5.1 Visit Tiger Deposit page


   Entrance 1: Log in to Tiger Trade APP, go to the "Portfolio", and click "Deposit".

   Entrance 2: Visit the Tiger website. Login to Official Website > My Account > Deposit.


5.2 Choose Your Payment Method and Deposit


For Online Bank Transfer:

Step 1: Input the local currency deposit amount, and we will calculate the corresponding USD amount.

Step 2: Use your online banking app or web to send funds to the recipient account displayed on the Tiger App.

If you choose to deposit by e-wallet

Step 1: Input the local currency deposit amount, and we will calculate the corresponding USD amount.

Step 2: Complete the payment using your e-wallet app.


6. Tiger's Notification


After your deposit is processed successfully, you will promptly receive SMS and email notifications.

*In case of any significant delay in receiving your transfer, please contact our customer service team.





  1. Verify deposit recipient details in your Tiger account. Tiger will not be responsible for losses due to incorrect information leading to payment rejection or delays by the bank.

  2. Processing remittance requests takes time. Even after the bank confirms "remitted," Tiger must wait for the receiving bank's processing result and complete the deposit verification.

  3. Note that payment channel fees from unsuccessful deposits leading to refunds and withdrawals will be covered by the client and not refunded if the amount falls below the minimum payment channel fee (3 USD).

  4. For deposit and withdrawal inquiries, please contact our fund service team at

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